What is P4P?

Partners for Peace, or P4P, is a network supported by the Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND) whose mission is to build social capital around peacebuilding through amplifying the voices of positive actors, building a network of self-identified agents of peace, and leveraging that network through facilitation, small grants, and capacity building. This network includes thousands of stakeholders from civil society, community-based organizations, nongovernmental organizations, private companies, donor organizations, and the general public committed to promoting peaceable livelihoods in the Niger Delta. The P4P Network Terms of Reference is here:

P4P’s Approach to Peacebuilding?

P4P reduces conflict as a key constraint to economic development in the region by supporting and building the capacity of local Peace Agents. The impact of the peaceful majority is enhanced with targeted Platforms, Data, and Skills. Interventions are locally-owned and driven to ensure that they address local realities, sustainability and effectiveness.

P4P is dedicated to peaceful and sustainable solutions by recognizing and addressing the root drivers of conflict. P4P promotes peace in the Niger Delta, with the larger goal of establishing innovative and dynamic multi-stakeholder partnerships that support and enable socio-development programs to improve the standard of living for many communities in the region.

Stakeholders and Beneficiaries

The P4P Network includes chapters, clubs, committees, and activities by and for key stakeholder groups for better collaboration, momentum, and more effective peacebuilding in the region. These include:

  • Youth
  • Women
  • Faith Based Organizations and Institutions
  • Traditional Structures
  • NGOs/CSOs/CBOs
  • Business Organizations

For more information, please contact us at africas@pindfoundation.org

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