Video: A Celebration of Peacebuilding at the P4P Annual Retreat -- Akure, 20-24 Oct. 2014

In 2013, local stakeholders from across the Niger Delta came together to build consensus around their vision for a Partners for Peace Network at a Peace Camp in Port Harcourt. Now, in October, 2014 they came back together for their Annual Retreat, during which they elected their Central Working Committee and ratified the Network Charter. The retreat was an opportunity for the nine Chapters to assess where they are and plan for the coming year. It was also a time for celebration. Having come together to present their conflict assessments and to discuss the way forward, all nine Chapters have agreed to focus their efforts over the next six months on preventing and reducing election violence in their various states. They've accomplished much. But there is still much more to do! Let's work together for peace in the Niger Delta.


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