Video: Rose's Story - Changed by the Biafran War

Dr. Rose Adiukwu remembers the horror of the Biafran war. As a result of that experience, she stands resolutely for peace in the Niger Delta.

Video: Ashafekokhian's Story - Fleeing Conflict

This story is about a Nigerian businessman in Ivory Coast who fled when violence broke out. He lost his shop and his livelihood as a result of conflict. He now works for peace in the Niger Delta.

Conflict Bulletins, Memos, and Trackers

Using the P4P Peace Building Map, these bulletins draw on data from FFP's UNLocK, Nigeria Watch, ACLED, CFR's Nigeria Security Tracker, WANEP, CSS/ETH Zurich, and Action on Armed Violence/National Working Group on Armed Violence.

Niger Delta Annual Trackers

Partners for Peace Network - Quarterly Update (April-June 2016)

Partners for Peace (P4P) is a Network whose mission is to build social capital around peacebuilding through amplifying the voices of positive actors, building a network of self-identified agents of peace, and leveraging that network through facilitation, small grants, and capacity building. P4P’s vision is dedicated to promoting sustainable peaceable livelihoods in the Niger Delta through voices, action, and network.

New Wave of Militancy in the Niger Delta

After the 2015 Presidential elections which saw a peaceful transition of power from incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan to General Mohammadu Buhari, many observers have rightfly expressed optimism for the future of Africa’s biggest economy. There is much to be optimistic about. For one, the Boko Haram counter-insurgency campaign has marked significant successes in the Northeast over the last year. However, by contrast in the Niger Delta region, communal, criminal, and election-related violence have been steadily rising.

Preventing and Responding to Election Violence -- ND PSWG Communique

Niger Delta Peace & Security Working Group Communique

Forum on Stakeholder Responsibilities during the 2015 Elections

Issued: January 27, 2015

Video: A Celebration of Peacebuilding at the P4P Annual Retreat -- Akure, 20-24 Oct. 2014

In 2013, local stakeholders from across the Niger Delta came together to build consensus around their vision for a Partners for Peace Network at a Peace Camp in Port Harcourt. Now, in October, 2014 they came back together for their Annual Retreat, during which they elected their Central Working Committee and ratified the Network Charter. The retreat was an opportunity for the nine Chapters to assess where they are and plan for the coming year. It was also a time for celebration.

Video: P4P Network Conflict Assessments

All nine P4P state chapters conducted their own conflict assessments to inform their planning. They brought together traditional rulers, local government, security services, NGOs, CSOs, and CBOs, women leaders, and youth leaders to review the Peace Map data. They identified hot spots in their states and agreed on priorities and activities. Then, at the P4P Annual Retreat in October 2014 they presented their plans to prevent and reduce conflict in the coming year.

Developing Consensus on the P4P Network Charter

Throughout the month of September 2014, Partners for Peace Chapters across the Niger Delta met to discuss, review, and ratify the Partners for Peace Network Charter. This document will help the Network govern itself and collaborate even more effectively to achieve the vision of the network as articulated in the Terms of Reference: "Sustainable peace in the Niger Delta to allow for economic and human development."


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