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Partners for Peace Network Quarterly Update (July-September 2016)

Partners for Peace (P4P) is a Network whose mission is to build social capital around peacebuilding through amplifying the voices of positive actors, building a network of self-identified agents of peace, and leveraging that network through facilitation, small grants, and capacity building. P4P’s vision is dedicated to promoting sustainable peaceable livelihoods in the Niger Delta through voices, action, and network.

Video: Preventing Violence at the Iriji New Yam Festival-a P4P Intervention

The New Yam Festival in Ibeku community in Abia State is often held amidst violence. See what the Partners for Peace Abia State Chapter did, with results that surprised even the oldest community members.

Video: Cynthia's Story - House Destroyed by Conflict

The real victims of communal and political conflict are the innocent. Cynthia tells about how she lost her home and had to change schools because of someone else's dispute.

Video Tutorial: How to Use the Peace Map

View the video to learn how to register your organization as a Peace Agent on the map, reduce duplicates in incidents and fatalities for a trend analysis, and compare States or LGAs by conflict risk per capita. This tool is an innovative use of technology to integrate data from many different sources to better link early warning with response.

Video: Austin's Story - No Child Should Experience War

Haunted by what he saw as a small child during the Biafran War, Austin works tirelessly for peace so no other child will have to experience those terrible things.

Video: Okoro's Story - Communal Clash in Rivers

A robbery turns into a murder, which sparks a youth protest, and escalates into a communal clash. In the aftermath, businesses are shut down. Conflict affects our livelihoods. The story shows the complex dynamics between youth, traditional leadership, vigilantes, and security forces.

Conflict Bulletins, Memos, and Trackers

Using the P4P Peace Building Map, these bulletins draw on data from FFP's UNLocK, Nigeria Watch, ACLED, CFR's Nigeria Security Tracker, WANEP, CSS/ETH Zurich, and Action on Armed Violence/National Working Group on Armed Violence.

Niger Delta Annual Trackers

Video: Peace through Trust Building

Video: The Role of Traditional Authority in Peacebuilding

The Kokodiagbene Elders-in-Council illustrates how traditional authority structures can play a positive role in the Niger Delta with regards to peacebuilding. The footage for this video was filmed courtesy of the Kokodiagbene Elders-in-Council and facilitated by the Community Peace Development Initiative. It was produced by the PIND Media Production Hub. The senior Peacebuilding Adviser was Robinson Ariyo.


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