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Partners for Peace Network Quarterly Update (July-September 2016)

Partners for Peace (P4P) is a Network whose mission is to build social capital around peacebuilding through amplifying the voices of positive actors, building a network of self-identified agents of peace, and leveraging that network through facilitation, small grants, and capacity building. P4P’s vision is dedicated to promoting sustainable peaceable livelihoods in the Niger Delta through voices, action, and network.

Video Tutorial: How to Use the Peace Map

View the video to learn how to register your organization as a Peace Agent on the map, reduce duplicates in incidents and fatalities for a trend analysis, and compare States or LGAs by conflict risk per capita. This tool is an innovative use of technology to integrate data from many different sources to better link early warning with response.

Video: Fortune's Story - Trapped by the Crisis in Bayelsa

Fortune recounts her struggle to rescue loved ones trapped without food and water in the midst of chaos. Through determination and courage she was able to get her elderly mother out of the city. When violence breaks out, it is the children and the elderly who suffer the most.

Video: Carol's Story - Shootout in Cross River

Carol was at a salon in Calabar when she got caught in the crossfire. In the midst of the insecurity, all the shops were closed down, hurting everyone's livelihoods. Because of this experience Carol is working tirelessly for peace in the Niger Delta. She told her story at the P4P Peace Camp in Port Harcourt in August, 2013.

Video: Nkoro's Story - Surviving Armed Robbery in Imo

Nkoro works as a lawyer in the Niger Delta promoting peace and human rights after having experiencing the impacts of violence and criminality in a very personal way. Nkoro told her story at the P4P Peace Camp in Port Harcourt in August, 2013.

Video: Rose's Story - Changed by the Biafran War

Dr. Rose Adiukwu remembers the horror of the Biafran war. As a result of that experience, she stands resolutely for peace in the Niger Delta.

Video: Ashafekokhian's Story - Fleeing Conflict

This story is about a Nigerian businessman in Ivory Coast who fled when violence broke out. He lost his shop and his livelihood as a result of conflict. He now works for peace in the Niger Delta.

Conflict Bulletins, Memos, and Trackers

Using the P4P Peace Building Map, these bulletins draw on data from FFP's UNLocK, Nigeria Watch, ACLED, CFR's Nigeria Security Tracker, WANEP, CSS/ETH Zurich, and Action on Armed Violence/National Working Group on Armed Violence.

Niger Delta Annual Trackers

Video: Peace through Trust Building


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